Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings, as the name suggests, help fill the structure of your tooth. Your teeth can get damaged due to decay or trauma, which can cause a hole in your tooth. The filling fills up that hollow area and prevents it from getting further decay. It can also be used to repair a cracked or broken tooth. The filling material can also replace a tooth that has worn off due to teeth grinding or nail-biting habits. If you have decayed or damaged teeth, contact us immediately at the Kinga E Rogowska Family and Cosmetic Dentistry office. We have an experienced dentist Dr. Rogowska who would thoroughly examine your tooth before determining if you need filling treatment for it.

What are the benefits of getting tooth fillings?

Getting tooth fillings at our dental office in Hollywood, FL comes with the following benefits:

  • Your dentist will clean off the decayed part and replace it with the filling material when you get a filling. It means that the procedure prevents the cavity from growing any further.
  • It helps in improving the structure of your teeth.
  • It gives strength to fractured or broken teeth.
  • The tooth-fillings can be customized to match the natural color of your teeth, and thus, they do not hamper your facial aesthetics.
  • The filling material also prevents your teeth from acquiring decay once again and also protects them.

Why composite fillings have become popular?

Composite fillings are made from resin material, which is initially soft but gets hardened with the light treatment. It can be customized to match your tooth color and hence are aesthetically pleasing. They are durable too and can last up to 10 years. Other benefits of the composite fillings would include:

  • They are customized according to the color of your natural teeth and hence blend with them perfectly to maintain your aesthetics.
  • They help to fill moderate cavities in front or back teeth.
  • The resin material bonds quite well with the tooth enamel, making the fillings stable.
  • They can fix superficial flaws on your teeth like a small chip.

Getting tooth fillings in Hollywood, FL

If you have broken teeth, fractures, or if you notice decay on your teeth (a black patch or a hole), visit your dentist Dr. Rogowska at Kinga E Rogowska Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. After a thorough examination, she will decide if you need dental fillings. Call us at (954) 961 4300 to book your appointment.