Wisdom Teeth Removal

A wisdom tooth is the third molar present at the back of your mouth. Sometimes, they might erupt at a weird angle and cause a lot of pain. Also, due to the location of your wisdom tooth, it sometimes gets challenging to clean them, and thus, they become a site of decay and bacterial infections. This can lead to the formation of pus-filled sacs on the gums, which are painful. In all of the above cases, you should visit your dentist immediately. The only and the most effective way to get rid of this pain is through a wisdom tooth extraction.

During the wisdom tooth removal procedure, you will no pain or might feel slight discomfort (if at all). Once the surgery is over, the extraction site may feel tender for a few days but that would go away real soon. You would be able to go back to your daily routine within a week. Dr. Rogowska will give you some effective tips so that your surgery site can get healed faster; follow her instructions and you will get well quickly.

Benefits of wisdom teeth removal

  • You will have less crowded teeth, which implies lesser orthodontic problems.
  • It prevents the nearby teeth from getting decayed.
  • It reduces the risk of oral infections and gum inflammation.
  • It helps you to get rid of wisdom tooth pain.
  • It prevents issues like cysts, tumors, and jaw damages

Getting wisdom tooth removal in Hollywood, FL

Getting wisdom tooth extractions might seem scary, but it is a simple outpatient procedure. The whole treatment will be completed in a few hours, and you can go back home the same day. Follow all the instructions given by your dentist Dr. Rogowska as it will help you to heal faster. To know more about the procedure, contact us at Kinga E Rogowska Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our fully-equipped dental practice in Hollywood, FL, has a wide range of dental services that will suit your needs. Call us at (954) 961 4300 to book your appointment.