Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is the thorough examination of your oral region performed by dentists to look for cancerous and precancerous signs in your mouth. The primary motive behind conducting oral cancer screening is to find out about the disease early so that the chances of getting cured increase. You can ask your dentist to do an oral cancer screening when you go to their office for a regular dental check-up. Remember that oral cancer screening does not reduce the chances of acquiring oral cancer, but it helps in early identification, making the disease more curable. Kinga E Rogowska Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offer oral cancer screening tests to diagnose this deadly disease at an early stage.

What are the benefits of oral cancer screening?

There are many benefits of getting oral cancer screening. Many people think this to be an intensive, time-consuming, and painful treatment, which is not true. The reasons why you should get an oral cancer screening would include:

  • The treatment is very easy and can be conducted during your regular dental check-up sessions. Your dentist will examine different parts of your mouth, including your throat, to look for any cancerous or precancerous signs.
  • Oral cancer is a deadly disease. However, if it is detected early, the chances of survival increase. This is why screening is so important; it helps in the early detection of oral cancer.
  • You can include oral cancer screening to be a part of your regular dental check-up. You would not have to pay any additional fee to get this screening done.

Who is a candidate for oral cancer screening?

Anyone coming for a regular dental check-up should get an oral cancer screening test done to be on the safer side. However, in the following cases, you should visit your dentist and get an oral cancer screening as soon as possible:

  • If you consume tobacco regularly.
  • If you are a heavy alcohol consumer.
  • If you have previously been diagnosed with oral cancer.

You should also check your mouth for white and red patches, sore throat, etc. If you face any issues or have discomfort, you must contact your dentist Dr. Rogowska right away and get your mouth screened for oral cancer. The screening test is the best way to reduce the risks associated with this deadly disease.

Getting oral cancer screening in Hollywood, FL

If you have not undergone oral cancer screening in the last six months, this is the right time to book an appointment. Call us at our dental office in Hollywood, FL, and schedule a screening session with our experienced dentist, Dr. Rogowska.